Longstreet Methodist Church was founded in 1847 and named for Judge Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, who was an educator, jurist, and ordained Methodist minister. Every Sunday, at a designated place, the people in the Holmes, Airways, and Tchulahoma Roads area would meet for worship. At one of these meetings, Judge Longstreet suggested that a church be built, and outlined plans for its congregation.

Longstreet Church was on a circuit or charge with Capleville from 1849 to 1929, at which time, Capleville became a station. In 1927, the presiding elder recommended that Longstreet Church and Raines Memorial merge and build a church in the Whitehaven Community. This was when Whitehaven Methodist Church erected. But Longstreet had some members, who refused to leave, although, a number of the members did join the new church.


In 1929, Longstreet was on a charge with Oakville for two years. In October 1931, Longstreet and Stephenson Church were placed into the same charge and remained together until 1925, when Stephenson became a station. At that time, Longstreet and Oakville were grouped together to form a charge. In 1938, Longstreet won the Tennessee State Award, as the church that had done the most outstanding work for the year. Longstreet became a station in 1952. Joining together in June of 1987, Greenland-Davant and Longstreet united to become a new family and a new church.

Many years have gone by since Judge Augustus Baldwin Longstreet founded Longstreet Church, and many changes have come about. With God's help, the faith and spiritual blessings to be found at Longstreet still remain the same as to when the small group met years ago. 

On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it - Matthew 16:18